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Vinyl Skirting Components
Superior Design will withstand severe winds
Provides air flow with an all vent system
Adds beauty and value to your home
Durable vinyl stands up to UV rays
Order as a kit or for replacement parts
*Vinyl skirting panels 16" wide x 12' long
*Vinyl top track "Z" bar 11' 8" long
*Vinyl bottom track "J" bar 11' 8" long
*Skirting spike
*Exterior Liquid Nails
For MOBILE HOME KITS please see chart below for ordering. Find the size of your home and the average height of the skirting (cut height of each panel). Use the chart to find how many 12' panels you will need to order to cover the perimeter of your home. Make sure to order the correct number of BOTH top and bottom track.
**PLEASE NOTE: If you are mounting to dirt or gravel you will need to order skirting nails. If you are mounting to a slab, order exterior Liquid Nails. We recommend 4 spikes for each 11'8" track or 1 tube of liquid nails for each track.
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Skirting Spike
Skirting Spike
Our Price: $0.26

Skirting spikes are used for mounting the "J" Bar to the ground, such as dirt or gravel. We recommend 4 spikes for each 11'8" track (1 spike every 4 feet). more info
Skirting Liquid Nails
Skirting Liquid Nails
Our Price: $5.04

Skirting Liquid Nails are used for mounting the "J" Bar to a concrete slab or other soild surface. We recommend 1 tube of Liquid Nails for each 11'8" track (1/4" bead of liquid nails will cover about 11 feet). more info
Vinyl Panels
Vinyl Panels
Our Price: $17.65

Vinyl Skirting panels measure 16" wide and 6' long. Cut as needed to cover the exterior of your mobile home. Don't forget to order top and bottom track for mounting.
Please select White or Shadow panels BEFORE adding to cart.
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